PhotoFusion = BLISS!

Okay friends, here it is. a chance of a lifetime. My chances of being chosen are slim to none I am sure.
Regardless of that, I am entering. I want to immerse myself in all things photography and learn so much.
Meeting Kristen to soak up her knowledge would be all that and more. 

In the words of Kristen herself, those who cannot, take photos of those that can. This is me in a nutshell.
Im a mom of three girls under 5, fashion went out the window long ago. However, I still adore fashion and long 
for it in the worst way. I live vicariously through my children and photographs of other fashionable women. 
One day, I will find my way back. One day. [let's hope that day comes sooner than later, right?]

So Kristen, I will keep this short and sweet. Im fun and loud and VERY creative. I have a strong love for all things photography and charitable. I sit on the board of directors for our boys & girls club and donate my time and resources to various other venues in our community. I think its a fabulous idea that we spend some time together and bond. I promise you will not leave disappointed and I know I will not. Oh, should I not win maybe I could be your personal advocate on facebook for those negative nellies out there. I know that will give you a laugh given a certain comment thread a little while back. :) 
Best Wishes to all who enter. 


p.s. blogger wont let me upload any photos right now. instead of getting frustrated I will post it to facebook for you.  

update: I am one of the final peeps [there is literally a photo of a peep up for entry] in the running. Voting runs until april 30th. please vote everyday if you can. i am a mom of 3. I want an opportunity to be an even more  motivating/creative/encouraging mother and also an amazing photographer. this is my calling. 
i am sure of it.  

tell your friends too. oh & let me know if I can do something kind for you :)