Friday Freebie [sort of]

For those of you in Utah you will love this! There is a new burger joint in the state and I CANT WAIT
to try it! I think its going to put In N Out Burger in the corner! ha!

Just seeing the veggies fries made my mouth water! Plus the mushroom swiss burger sounds divine!

There is SmashBurger in more than just Utah so if you haven't been to their website yet,

GO! Check it out. Find a location near you! I have a feeling you won't be sorry!

For those in Utah...check out this website and enter the giveaway to win some SmashMONEY!!! WHOOP! Nothing better than trying good food and not paying for it!

Besides that, if you haven't checked out SassyScoops yet, YOU SHOULD! Its all about Utah, whats hip, whats new, whats fun, whats reliable...I could go on and on!

Just check it out! Happy Friday!


Crystal Escobar Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:54:00 PM MST  

oh cool. I've seen where the new smash burger in Draper is going to be. I'll totally check out this website, sounds great!