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What is a sunday like for you? For myself, its a day of rest | relaxation | a thankful/grateful heart for all that I am surrounded with in life. Its also a day I tend to bake. For some reason it just seems easier than on say, Wednesday. I also enjoy that whatever I bake, I get to EAT or SHARE the rest of the week & let's face it, come Monday evening, sometimes all you need in life is a good chocolate chip cookie [& maybe some wine.]

So bad for you but SO good for your soul. I say cookies because that is without a doubt my weakness. I am the cookie monster, hands down. So if you invite me over and I raid your cookie jar, don't say you weren't warned. I wouldn't blame you for not inviting me back though. I will kindly assume its my loud personality that got me blacklisted. [it could be both.]

This sunday I am featuring a recipe for rainbow cupcakes! YUM!
Rainbows seem to be all the rage right now and well my 5 year old has always thought they were amazing. So my kids weren't complaining at all when I made these. [too bad they only each got 1]
I made these for my sister-in-laws kindergarten class! She said they loved them! Call me crazy but these tasted better than my normal cupcakes! It must be the kid in me.
Here is a how-to on how these cuppies came to life.
Why did I choose just blue icing...I just kept thinking rainbows & clouds go together. You know like PB & J, milk & cookies, mac & cheese...unicorns & glitter! ha. All you progressive insurance followers out there got that one! :)Flo [heather] are you reading this?!

 So here is the batter after I mixed it all up.
You just prepare your favorite white cake mix.
[mine is from scratch but the recipe is top secret for now]
maybe after I get more followers I will share it, so tell your friends, family, mailman, seamstress, doctor, whatever...

If you bake from a box, I am not judging. Its all good.
Cake is cake. All bad for you :)
You will need a massive amount of food coloring for these to come out bright and vibrant as these did.
I just decided what colors I wanted, got out my bowls and went to town adding and mixing it all together.
I will tell you now I did not measure even once, just eyeball it. Its not that hard at all.

After coloring all the batter, I just started layering it into the cupcake tins, about a teaspoon or so at a time. I call these rainbow cupcakes but they also reminded me of play-doh.
[what can I say, we play with play-doh alot around here.]
Fill the cupcake tins about 3/4 of the way full.

No fuller either. Otherwise they will rise way too far and its just not nearly as pretty. Again though, cake is cake. Ugly or not.

I like to top my cupcakes with my favorite buttercream.
I will tell you now, I NEVER measure. I just make it that often..so if you are the kind that just HAS to follow a recipe, this may not be for you. But personally,
[if you are that kind] I recommend breaking all the rules & doing something new, now and then.
I promise this is worth it.

So here is the recipe for the buttercream.1 stick butter [room temp]
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 to 1/2 cup marshmallow fluff
powdered sugar.
this amt will vary depending on how stiff you want your icing. I usually use several cups [around 4]

mix all together in bowl. I use my kitchenaid stand mixer but you can mix by hand or with beaters. just mix very thoroughly! Color as desired & scoop into piping bag!
I just pipe mine out with a piping bag with no tip in a swirly motion. I like tips but for this I was going for fluffy stuff!

Enjoy. They are truly delish.


Crystal Escobar Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 6:53:00 PM MDT  

oh wow, those look awesome!!! I love all the different colors.
And I'm totally a cookie monster too. I have a great big box of cookie dough in my freezer, and I bake cookies at least once a week :)