A whole new monday.

So...there is still so much work to be done here on my blog.
This I know. Its always looming in my busy little brain.
It's on my always growing to do list. trust me.

So for those of you reading and haven't given up on me yet...hang in there.
There will be much more to read and see here soon.

I recently made a new blogging mommy friend. She is fabulous. I love reading her blog.
I love that she is just like the rest of us. Trying to find balance between being a wife, mom and woman.
She is wanting to inspire and share with others. Awesome. not enough people care to do that.
So many are just in competition anymore. We can all be fabulous ladies. Really. We all help to make each other fabulous believe it or not.

So Crystal [my new blogging mommy pal] has started to do a feature on fridays - called FAB FRIDAYS.
On FAB Fridays, she features someone on her blog that does good, inspires her, etc. I will look forward to seeing who she features each week. I love hearing others doing good in the world, inspiring others, crafting, etc. Its fun. It embraces who we are as women.

So Crystal inspired others to do the same. So every monday I am going to do just that. I had thought in the past about friendly fridays, etc but I think monday is a great day to do it too. It can give you a great way to start your week, alot to think about, look forward to, etc.

I hate letting you down but I didnt feature anyone today. Mostly because last week was crazy busy for me.
Just wanted to let you all know that this is what you can look forward to next monday.
So Happy Monday, Happy March and Happy National Craft Month. I have a feeling this month is going to be fabulous.

[p.s. - recipe coming this afternoon] its about time....I know!!!