{thoughtful} ♥ Thursday

every [thursday] I will be featuring something thoughtful, well thought, worth thinking about. you know. Good things.

Some days it seems alot of good is gone in our world.
Then I read a story like this one and it makes me realize
there are people out there doing great things, raising great, humble children and really giving the world a smile and helping hand.

I like to help. I like to think I do something good. They may only be small things right now. But bottom line, I do care.
So please excuse me while I shout from the
rooftops how important it is to give back.

Even if you dont enjoy this sort of thing. Not everyone does. NO ONE is here to JUDGE.
No sir. But please do read and enjoy
and maybe smile a little after.

That wouldn't kill anyone, would it? Smile more?!

In the words of Millionaire Matchmaker - Patty Stanger
"your smile is your calling card"

See even she is doing good in this world.
[insert hearty laugh here]

So enjoy. Please email me too. I want to know what you want to see. It would be so much easier if you would just tell me. Although I am nosy, I am lazy this week.


Crystal Escobar Friday, February 12, 2010 at 11:49:00 AM MST  

I agree, giving back is so important :) Thank you for posting that. I'm following you now.
Be sure to enter a few my comments in my giveaway so you have a better chance to win. Thank you for doing all those things, and helping spread the word for Caeli.

becki Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 9:32:00 PM MST  

I just wanted to let you know I saw your comment and I am definitely considering out of state applicants so definitely send me some info and we can set up a phone interview!

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